#include <dolbyio/comms/log_level.h>

Enum describing the log levels of the SDK.

enum class dolbyio::comms::log_level

The logging levels to set. The logging levels allow classifying the entries in the log files in terms of urgency to help to control the amount of logged information.


enumerator OFF

Turns off logging.

enumerator ERROR

The error level logging generates logs when an error occurs and the SDK cannot properly function.

enumerator WARNING

The warning level logging generates logs when the SDK detects an unexpected problem but is still able to work as usual.

enumerator INFO

The info level logging generates an informative number of logs.

enumerator DEBUG

The debug level logging generates a high number of logs to provide diagnostic information in a detailed manner.

enumerator VERBOSE

The verbose level logging generates the highest number of logs, including even the HTTP requests.


The debug level. Use this enumerator if the DEBUG enumerator conflicts with compiler’s / toolkit’s preprocessor macro.