startScreenShare method

Future<void> startScreenShare()

Starts a screen sharing session. For iOS, see the ScreenShare with iOS document that describes how to set up screen share outside the application.

Additionally, instead of setting the following properties:

  • CommsSDK.shared.appGroup = "YOUR_APP_GROUP"
  • CommsSDK.shared.preferredExtension = "YOUR_BROADCAST_EXTENSION_BUNDLE_ID"

Set up keys in your Info.plist file:

  • Add a new DolbyioSdkAppGroupKey as a string type and enter the group name ("YOUR_APP_GROUP").
  • Add a new DolbyioSdkPreferredExtensionKey as a string type and enter the broadcast extension bundle ID ("YOUR_BROADCAST_EXTENSION_BUNDLE_ID").


Future<void> startScreenShare() async {
  await _methodChannel.invokeMethod<void>("startScreenShare");
  return Future.value();