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Common Tutorial Setup

This tutorial explains how to initialize the plugin and connect to a conference, which is a common prerequisite for other tutorials.


The tutorials and samples are designed to work with the Unreal Engine 5 First Person game template.

Getting started

  1. Find BP_DolbyIOStarter in the plugin's content in Content Browser and drag it onto the scene.

NOTE: If you do not see this item, go to the Content Browser settings and tick Show Plugin Content.

  1. Make sure the newly-placed actor is selected and enter your client access token or authentication URL or app key and secret combination in the Details panel.

You can modify other parameters of this actor as you see fit, but using the demo conference does not make sense for some tutorials, because it is an audio-only conference.

If you launch the game now, assuming the credentials are set up appropriately, you should connect to a conference.

NOTE: BP_DolbyIOStarter is a sample Blueprint which handles several "key pressed" events and as such is designed to work the template game only, because it will likely override key bindings in more advanced games. It is meant to be used as an example on how to get started, not for use in production.