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Rendering Remote Screen Share

This tutorial explains how to render screen share feeds coming from remote participants.


Before you start, follow the common setup tutorial.

Set up a remote screen share preview

  1. Find BP_DolbyIOScreensharePlane in the VideoSamples folder of the plugin's content in Content Browser and drag it onto the scene.

NOTE: If you do not see this item, go to the Content Browser settings and tick Show Plugin Content.

  1. Rescale the plane to the desired aspect ratio, for example, [6.4, 3.6, 1.0], and rotate it by [90, 0, 90] to make it face the player start, as in the following example:

If you launch the game now, assuming you successfully connect to a conference with screen share enabled, you should see the screen share feed on the plane.

How it works

BP_DolbyIOScreensharePlane is a sample Blueprint with a simple Event Graph, which handles On Video Track Added and On Video Track Removed.

It also contains a generic Construction Script to set up the plane's material: