Services topic


AudioService Services
The AudioService allows changing audio settings for the local and remote participants.
CommandService Services
The CommandService allows the application to send and receive text messages and notifications during a conference.
ConferenceService Services
The ConferenceService allows an application to manage a conference life-cycle and interact with the conference. The service allows creating, joining, and leaving conferences and managing the audio, video, and screen-share streams.
DolbyioCommsSdk Services
DolbyioCommsSdk is the main class that allows an application to interact with services.
FilePresentationService Services
The FilePresentationService allows presenting files during a conference. The Communications APIs service converts the user-provided file into multiple pages that are accessible through the getImage method.
MediaDeviceService Services
The MediaDeviceService allows an application to manage media devices that are used during a conference.
NotificationService Services
The NotificationService allows inviting participants to a conference.
RecordingService Services
The RecordingService allows recording conferences.
SessionService Services
The SessionService allows connecting the SDK with the backend via the open method. Opening a session is mandatory before interacting with any service.
VideoPresentationService Services
The VideoPresentationService allows sharing videos during a conference. To present a video, a conference participant needs to provide the URL of the video file. We recommend sharing files in the MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 video formats.
VideoService Services
The VideoService allows changing video settings for the local and remote participants.